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My burlesque journey started a winter night back in 2019 as I stopped by Balettakademin in central Stockholm for a free class of burlesque. Little did I then know that this was some kind of elixir to keep life flooding through my veins. Ever since that evening I have tried to include burlesque as a weekly training and “therapy” session. Because I guess we´re all a little bit mad in here. In this shimmering universe.

I have been very fortunate that my husband and best friend in life took a liking to this side of life too. For his 50th I arranged for us to have a private class with Miss Diamond. One thing led to another and a year later we signed up for the solo class during the spring of 2022. This was a huge step for my partner in crime, Kit Trixie, as his stage name is. So out of his comfort zone and I am deeply grateful to have his company, ideas and support as we enter the arena of burlesque together.

Nikki Nuts training in burlesque – so far…

In this side of life Nikki Nuts have been through the following:

  • 2 terms of Burly beginner at Balettakademin (2019+2020)
  • 1 term of burly step 2 at Balettakademin (2020)
  • 1 term of the choreography “I´m a good girl” at Marikas dansstudio (2021) (also in central Stockholm) This was my first performance in front of an audience with the class of burly sisters. The event was held in the biggest dance studio with approximately 40 persons cheering us on.
  • The 5 term “school of Burlesque” by Miss Diamond was completed by May 2023 and has for Nikki included the following: Burly beginner x2, Burly step 2, Burly Mid x 2, Burly 5 and last but not least Burly 4.
  • 1 term of Solo class where my partner in crime Kit Trixie was born (2022)
  • This cumulated in our first solo act – Waiting for curtain that Kit and Nikki performed in May 2022 infront of a full house at Maximteatern
  • After teaming up with our friend Benjamin Kyssa we spent many Wednesday evenings creating and rehearsing our trio´s act – Circus Burlesque where the three of us (Benjamin, Kit and Nikki) had the full house of Intiman theatre in our hands. Cheers and laughter filled the room to our delight.
  • Autumn 2023 + Spring 2024 were spent at Burleskakademin and their classes of improlesque – both of these terms ended off with student shows at the brewery bar in Enskede in front a smaller audience.
  • Spring of 2024 has also offered up a few more chances for stepping up on the stage for Nikki in solo acts:
    February at Club Shine – an improlesque act where Kit Trixie was in control of props, music and instructions.
    April at a private birthday party – both a solo act + an improlesque duo act with burly sister Fifi Fever.
    May a chance on stage in a new solo act performed at a Tease Easy Sunday.



Nikki Nuts Solo or group acts in front of audience

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