one step towards…knowing or not knowing

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These three things has rapidly come towards me during the last days.

1. Trying to explain myself. Too hard. My yes is a yes and my no is a no.

2. A quote from a movie I watched a few weeks back, While we´re young. No, I cannot recommend the movie, but there was a few interesting passages. One of them being the two couples sitting and talking and they are trying to remember a name of an actor or similar. Ben Stiller wants to immediately Google it, desperate to find the answer. Whereas the young guy simply says: Let´s agree to not know. 

3. And now this…
Blessing of not knowing.

May the mystery enfold you.
May the angels descend down upon you.
May there be peace, tonight.

So…what I make of this? I don´t know yet, but I wanted to put them together to see and feel what could happen.
What I do know? That I am eager to find out more. And less. As they go together as my yin and yang.
Whenever I soak into a subject or a book, a vast ocean opens up and I realize that I only am aware of a microcosmos of all information.

I do not know everything – and yet sometimes it really feels that I know it all. And that for me is a huge difference.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I do love your presence here. May the wind caress your body and your thoughts.


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