mina styrkor – del 2

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Jag har även gjort andra tester för att ta hjälp i att definiera mina styrkor. Här kommer ett resultat som jag fått via SEI Strengts report, Six Seconds International.

My three highest scoring areas are: (and first you will read the text from the test, after that my interpretation and reflection)

1. Exercise Optimismtake on a perspective of hope and perseverance. Opitmism allows people to see beyond the present and take ownership of the future. This learned way of thinking + feeling gives people the power to exponentially increase the number of choices available. An optimistic perspective allows an analysis and a decision-making process that yields productive outcomes. 

Optimism allows me to celebrate success, take responsibility for my mistakes, and find solutions. I shall use this strength by being an idea-generator, helping myself and others to see beyond the obvious choices in order to generate myriad possibilities. My optimism will help counterbalance the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness that often cripple others. In addition, practicing this skill will help me recognize how I can grow as a result of challenges that I may face: optimism fights adversity (motgångar).

As this is a skill that is contagious, it is important that I share my optimism with others.

2. Engage Intrinsic Motivationgaining energy from personal values and commitments versus being driven by extrinsic rewards.  An addition to external reinforcement puts me t the mercy of others. Engaging intrinsic motivation means developing and utilizing lasting inner drivers aligned to you personal values. 

This is a significant skill for building independence. Because of my commitment to my important goals, others often respect your decisions. This builds collaboration and interdependence. Strength in intrinsic motivation indicates that I do not need others to validate, praise, and reward me: this suggests you will meet others as equals. To use this strength most effectively, reduce the number of times I seek external reinforcement. Seek the reasons behind this craving. When I feel I am running out of internal energy, that´s the time to reconnect with the fire within.

3. Navigate EmotionsAbility to accept and own the existing emotion, plus steer or shift the emotion toward a productive one based on the situation. People are often told to control their emotions by suppressing their feelings of anger, joy or fear, and to eliminate them from the decision-making process. In reality, feelings provide insight, energy, and are the real basis for almost every decision. This competence lets you manage emotions at every level and in multiple situations without either minimizing them or wrong them. 

I can utilize this strength most effectively by continuing to value emotions. This reqiures giving them the necessary attention. Call specifically upon them and look for the reasons behind the feeling. When I attend to my emotions I gain increased insights, my perceptions will be magnified with depht. I am also able to refine that raw energy into a focused power source. As I continually apply this skill, I will notice how my ability to navigate emotions assists med in an increased productivity and smoothes  my interactions with others.

Tillsammans med mina andra styrkor från Strength Finder 2.0 är jag väl i stort oslagbar 😉


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