Om livet, och att dela med sig

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En av delarna i Osho´s bok, Intimacy, behandlar att dela med sig. Och jag finner det oerhört spännande att få ord på en känsla jag har haft länge, sedan sönerna var små. Att om man inte har något, hur kan man då dela? Hur ser vi till att först fylla på oss själva så att vi kan dela? Precis som i ett flygplan där säkerhetsfilmen visar hur du först ska hjälpa dig själv – och sen andra. För om inte du har hjälpt dig själv – då finns du kanske inte ens så att du kan hjälpa andra.

Ja, du får läsa nedan hur Oslo utryckte det – fast på engelska.

People are told to help others, and they are empty within themselves. They are being told to love others and they are never told to love themselves. All the religions, directly or indirectly are telling people to hate themselves. And a person who hates himself cannot love anybody; he can only pretend. The basic thing is to love yourself so totally that the love overflows you and reaches to others.

Each tree is selfish: It brings water to its roots, it brings juices to its branches, to the leaves, to the fruits, to the flowers. And when it blossoms, it releases fragrances to everybody – known, unknown, familiar, stranger. When it is loaded with fruits, it shares, it gives those fruits. But if you teach the tree to be altruistic, all these trees will die, just as the whole of humanity is dead – just corpses walking.

Life should be a dance! And everybody´s life can be a dance. It should be music – and then you can share, you will have to share. I don´t have to say it because this is one of the fundamental laws of existence. The more you share your bliss, the more it grows.
But I teach selfishness.


All over the world politicians have reached to the top. Hence the misery and the chaos – it has to be so. Only flowers should be on the top – sages, poets, mystics. Not politicians. 


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