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Or me. It could be me. Maria Popova answers the questions the way I would. My words.

I have to go to her website. Again. Same feeling. It could be me. My words.

Do you know what I mean?
When you find something that resonates so much in you that you feel like you are a bee-hive.
Like there are loads and loads of bees inside you buzzing cheerily to and fro and make you feel like you are about to take off. That all of their little tiny wings will lift you. Cause if they are flying inside you – why don´t you just fly too? You know that feeling?

istock-image-8Well I experienced it today. I went shopping for groceries and put on an episode of OnBeing with Krista Tippet and out comes Maria Popova, born 1984, from Bulgaria. And is her labour of love. For herself.  I had to listen to it twice. And the second time I had to stop, rewind and listen again. To feel the buzzing and humming as her words resonated in my body.

You´ll love her labour of love. Listen to the podcast now.

Tell me –

  1. What resonates within you?
  2. When did it last happen?
  3. And how do you experience it?

Inlägg 88/100…in English apparently…cause that is how it came to me…


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