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IMG_4248Under en lång stund har jag letat och lekt med ord om vem jag är och hur jag ska presentera det för andra. Imorse dök det upp ett nyhetsbrev i min mailbox. Jag ögnade snabbt igenom brevet och såg att där fanns en guldgruva för mig.
När jag kom hem efter uppdragsmöte i Norrtälje så läste jag denna artikel. Wow!
Den resonansen som uppstod i mig var så stark och vibrerande.
Det är ju detta som beskriver mig så väl på ett sätt. På det sätt som jag vill visa nu. Allt det professionella som vanligtvis efterfrågas och skall visas är jag inte intresserad av just nu.
Det kan finnas med det också. Lite längre ner. Senare.

Så välkommen in i läsning.
Sätt dig bekvämt.
Ta ett djupt andetag.
Slappna av och låt orden och
betydelsen vibrera från mig till dig.

1. I recognise that I, and only I, create my reality. In other words, I  fearlessly embrace every person, situation and circumstance that I have drawn, as my own manifestation. And I am prepared to deal with that.

2. I realise that ‘fearlessness’ is not to be without fear; rather it is to be continually confronting and breaking through fear in the moment it arises.

3. I do not blame or project at others. Not even the crazy situation we now witness in the world. I accepts the outer mirror created by group karma, and works tirelessly to unravel it.

4. I do not complain or constantly try to fix the ‘pain’. I recognise that the pain is the place where the light enters, and that transcendence of the physical is the path to immortality. Therefore, of the pain I say… “bring it on!”

5. I am not afraid to let go of a creation or manifestation once it has served its purpose. Which could mean moving on from a de-energising relationship, job or location. Even when the path forwards is uncertain, I dive all in.

6. I know the difference between surrender and giving up. Surrender is aligning with the truth that I can feel unfolding, whereas giving up is being wishy washy, and too easily accepting of ‘anything goes’.

7. I know the difference between judgment and discernment. It’s vitally important to call reality the way it is, in order to navigate the path between the obstacles in life. But to judge another or a particular circumstance as always being the same, is to ‘condemn’ it, and then form a fixed relationship to it.

8. I am careful with the word ‘never’, so as not to condemn a particular situation to a particular fate. I am aware that ‘always’ may change.

9. I am not afraid to go against the herd, even at the risk of getting trampled by it.

10. I am not afraid to suffer, or to die, for a cause greater than myself.

11. I know that death is merely the passage into a new life. And therefore fearlessly lives the life I now have.

12. I am profoundly honest with myself.

13. I am not afraid of the truth.

14. I fearlessly expresses myself, no matter what the outcome. Yes, diplomacy and tact are important to me too, but that doesn’t mean compromising my own soul. It’s all about ‘the dance’, finding the most accessible and appropriate way to express my truth.

15. I am selfless, yet not afraid to express the self. The self is far from being some bland, colourless or wishy washy existence. It is vibrant, alive, full of animation, charisma, colour and expression.

16. I am forgiving of myself and others. I recongise that all life’s circumstances are created for learning purposes: that there is no such thing as evil intent. All create according to the reality model that has been built up inside. Forgiveness helps unravel the distortions that people hold onto.

17. I understand the difference between non-efforting and commitment to a cause. Yes, it is essential to let go of struggle and attachment. But nevertheless, it is going to take commitment, patience and perseverance to bring light through the darkness.

18. I know when to put something down, and when to pick something up.

19. I live day to day, moment by moment from their intuition. They’re constantly tuning within and asking “what would you have me do now?” and “how would you have me do it?”

20. I am constantly witnessing the objectivity of synchronicity, allowing it to reveal what’s really going on in the moment, not accepting the filter the ego might be placing on it.

21. I allow others to make their own mistakes and walk their own path. I may lend support, but doesn’t disempower by taking ownership of their issue.

22. I truly understand the nature of love: overcoming that which separates oneself from other sentient life, and instead compassionately embracing that which unites all.

The Spirit Warriors are here!

There’s a new era of Spirit Warriors emerging. These spiritual warriors are not afraid to feel their fear. They have the courage to be vulnerable through the deepest challenges and to be profoundly honest with themselves. They are committed with every fibre of their being to unravel the layers that keep them bound to the lower paradigm, no matter what it takes! They come from all walks of life, of all ages, joining hands, finding a common thread of beingness and are hiding NO MORE!

Jag längtar starkt efter att komma närmre. Allt.
Jag längtar starkt efter att känna samhörighet. Med allt.
Jag är på väg närmare dig. Och en samhörighet med dig.

Inlägg 95/100 i bloggutmaningen #blogg100.


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