Work or play?

by | Aug 28, 2015 | Artiklar | 0 comments

Whether I call it work or play,
It’s time for me to seize the day,
Roll up my sleeves and get down to business,
To cook up a world that is warm and delicious.

This just turned my day back to feeling good. Thank you Tom Lescher.
Interested in the whole thing? Watch it here!
nd I have to let you know that no, I do not follow nor believe in all the things Tom says, but I do love his hippy-dippety style, laughter, insights and energy.

PS. Why my day turned bad? Posten and their deliveries. The driver never cam to our address, yet he claims to have been here bur that he could´t deliver as there was a code to the door. No way! We do not have that kind of house. No way! We´ve been home waiting and hasn´t seen your van. And according to the girl at customer service…the van was´t even on our street. Yet she could´t do anything. Nor did the driver have the time to come back to us. And I got so angry. Cause I need the package for tomorrow – after that it is too late.
But now – after listening to Toms words and his laughter I feel a lot better. And feel compassion for both the driver, who is so stressed that he did´t take the time to check if he was on the right street, and for the girl at customer service who got caught in my angry fire. Here comes more compassion!! And thank you to who will see that my package comes back to them and that I get my money back.


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