to be a light or to be the light

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To be a light.
To be the light.

Only one word is different.
And the meaning of the sentence differs.
The power of one word.

And also the power that comes along after. A freedom. Without judgement or cynism.
A freedom. With love and compassion. Knowing that there are many different lights. Knowing that all lights are needed. Knowing that the diversity is vital. Knowing that different aspects are a key to open potential.

I am here to change the world

I see myself being reborn as a change maker with a toolbox that I keeping growing.
And I am not alone. I am in a beloved community and I cannot fall (fail).

Which also brings us to the fact  around the power of words,
commas save lives.

Let`s eat Grandma.
Let´s eat, Grandma.



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