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As I saw this in the morning I had to share it with you. And to keep it for me. Both on my Insta as a repost from @wearesoulsparks and also here of course.

“If you think the world is against you, the world will be against you. 

You must believe you are worthy of great things in order to receive them.
When you blindly accept your narratives, when you blindly submit to your self-limiting beliefs,
you leave no room for opportunity.

The voice in your head wants you to stay stuck; when you stay small and safe, you avoid failure.
The voice in your head doesn’t believe you are capable of surviving hurt.
The voice in your head is wrong.

Not only are you allowed to want a big life, it is your responsibility.
The world is desperate for people who stand in their truth, who are fearless in the pursuit of their authentic selves. By becoming who you are meant to be, you inspire others to do the same.

It’s time to put more faith in your light than in your shadows.
It’s time to connect with what makes you come alive, and to look for ways that the universe is trying to support your journey.
You are brave and you are deserving of all the magic this world has in store. It’s time to allow yourself to receive it. “

And then I read a few pages in Sapiens. And found these lines:
“There is no way out of the imagined order. When we break down our prison walls and run towards freedom, we are in fact running into the more spacious exercise yard of a bigger prison.”

That might say it all…we keep building stories and make up realities, and we have to make them bigger and bigger and bigger. And we are trapped again. In the fictive reality. I want to be here in the reality around me most of my time. And not use my hours in someones fictive reality och fictive company or fictive mission that I do not share.


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