inte bara jag som tänker om politik…

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Nu var det visserligen ett par dagar, kanske en vecka, sedan jag tänkte på politik och demokrati.
Och vips så där så kommer det en påminnelse.
Att jag ska fortsätta tänka på det.
Imorse damp det ner ett nyhetsbrev i från Oshos gäng.
Där Osho under sin levnadstid tänkt tankar kring politik.
Jag läste och insåg att jag instämmer idag i mycket av det han säger nedan.
Vill du läsa och berätta vad du tänker?

Politicians vs. Humanity

A wise man once said that the urge to become a politician should be enough to disqualify a person from so doing, yet society is based on systems of government that couldn’t function without them. What is it that apparently de-humanizes politicians, and is there another way?

Why do politicians make promises they then don’t keep?

“I have to make it clear also that politics attracts only the most mediocre minds in the world. It does not attract Albert Einsteins, Bertrand Russells, Jean-Paul Sartres, Rabindranath Tagores…. No, it attracts a certain kind of people. Psychologists are aware of the fact that people who are suffering from some inferiority complex are the people to be attracted towards politics, because politics can give them power. And through power they can convince themselves and others that they are not inferior, that they are not mediocre.

“But just attaining power makes no difference to their intelligence. So the whole world is ruled by mediocre people when we have a large number of intelligent people – scientists, artists, musicians, poets, dancers, painters – all kinds of sensitive, creative people, the very cream of humanity, but they are not in power. They can change the whole fabric of human history, they can change the darkness of the future into a beautiful morning, a sunrise.”

But democracy is still the fairest way, isn’t it?

“Democracy is not the highest goal. It is better than dictatorial regimes, it is better than monarchies, but it is not the end of the journey – because democracy basically means government by the people, of the people, for the people, but the people are retarded. So let us say: government by the retarded, for the retarded, of the retarded.

“Democracy cannot be the highest possibility man can attain. It is good in comparison to other forms of government that have preceded it, but not something that can succeed it. I call that meritocracy.”

So, no more voter’s choice?

“Merit will be the decisive factor. Not whether you can gather votes by canvassing all kinds of promises and hopes, but your merit, your real power in the scientific world will decide. And once government comes into the hands of the scientist, then everything is possible because I have called science, objective religion; and religion, subjective science.”

Wow – an end to politics as we know it!

“Let the whole society be slowly divided into communes of creative people. There is no need for political parties in the world. Every individual should stand on his own merit. And people can choose. Why should there be a political party? There is no reason. If you need a finance minister, all the great experts you have in economics and finance can compete for it, and someone can be chosen for it. There is no need for any party. We should move from party politics to pure individuals – from democracy, from dictatorship, to meritocracy.”

How can this change happen?

“The only way is, to cleanse people’s unconscious with meditation, fill their inner being with light. It is only meditation that gives you a clean heart, which cannot be corrupted. Then power can never be misused, then power can be a blessing – it is going to be creative. Then you are going to do something to make life more lovable, more livable; to make existence a little more beautiful.”

Isn’t this utopian?

“It is utopian, but the situation is such that within twenty years politicians will bring you to the brink of death. Then you will have to choose; and at that time, when you have to choose between death and meditation, I think you will choose meditation – you are not going to choose death.”



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