the connection D1

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I had my first moment at the course called “the connection” this morning. A course run by Minds Unlimited. Me being the newbie in the group that have come together through 8wks + an experiencing wknd.  I let go of my butterflies in the tummy and went to my intention for this moon cycle.

Be & Do Good. 
The answers I felt back were these: softness in my left hand side of the body. Calves tight and ready to spurt or adjust. Deceivingness as looking with my eyes? Home. Grounded. Mirroring. Breathing as one.

And a memory brought back from reading a text on feedback. That feedback really says more about the giver than the reciever. I rest in that for a while. Before getting back to feeling in my body.

One exercise we did was to try to feel or try to notice how the other person felt as we walked to and from eachother. It was difficult. Yet true, open and very connecting at the same time. Leading and being led. Allowed closer, pushed further away. Dancing in the connectedness.

Next Tuesday it is time for day 2 of the connection. Curiosity arises. I´ll let you know afterwards.

Keeping up being in movement today so I will soon bike to Kungsholmen and
a playful movement session with Jo,
where we will try-out some of Ido Portals ideas.
I am eager to try and feel how it will play a part in the healing of my temple (i e this body 😉 )


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