intimacy en bok av osho

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att läsa en bok av osho tar tid. tid till reflektion. tid att smälta det du läser. tid att känna efter. tid att läsa annat som i helheten mångdubblar de tankar och känslor som dyker upp. jag har kombinerat läsandet av intimacy med att läsa den magiska gnistan, developing leaders around you samt neverwhere. en lyckosam kombo för mig. det tar också tid för mig för att när jag läser osho hör jag hans röst läsa boken högt för mig och då blir jag full i skratt i bland.

vilka kombinationer av böcker brukar du läsa? vad ser du hos en bok som en annan kan tillföra en ny dimension till?

som vanligt en hel del kloka ord och passager som jag inte kan släppa taget om än. jag skriver ner dem här så att jag kan minnas dem enklare och samtidigt dela dem med dig. även denna är skriven på engelska så håll tillgodo med originalspråket.


Trust yourself!
Trust has magic in it. Start trusting yourself. Start loving yourself. If a person really trusts you, it is impossible for him to cheat, to deceive you.

The basic quarrel is that the husband thinks he is not getting what is his right to get; the wife thinks she is not getting what is her right to get. The wife thinks she has been deceived. Where is the love? Nobody bothers to give ,everybody wants to get. And when everybody is after getting, nobody gets it and everybody feels at a loss, empty, tense.
The basic foundation is missing, and you have started making the temple without the foundation. It is going to fall and collapse any moment. And you know how many times your love has collapsed, and you still go on doing the same thing over and over again. You live in such unawareness!
If you can learn anything from the failure of love, it is to become more aware, become more meditative. And by meditation I mean the capacity to be joyous alone. Just sitting silently and blissfully! Yes, meditation is the ultimate LSD!

Relationship is a thing. You cling to it. Relating is a flow, a movement, a process. You meet at person, you are loving because you have so much love to give – and the more you give, the more you have.

If you want to love a person, love them here, now. Love them. Because nobody knows what is going to happen in the next moment. Don´t waste this moment in thinking and worrying about the future because this is suicidal. Don´t pay a single thought to the future because nothing can be done about it, so it is a sheer waste of energy. Love this man and be loved by him.

If you make a person happy, why should he leave you? But if you make him unhappy, why shouldn’t he leave you?

Darkness is a nonentity. It is nothing, it has no solidity. It is just an absence, not a presence.
Become a light, and this becoming has no conditions to be fulfilled.
The shade is called silence, the shade is called inner peace. Don´t listen to the mind. Just step into the shape, into the inner silence where no rays of the sun enter.

Live this moment as totally as possible, and suddenly you will come to realize that if you live it totally, it it solved. There is no need to solve it. Life is not a problem to be solved, it is a mystery to be lived.

When you loose yourself consciously into someone, that someone will lose himself into you; when you are open and you flow into the other, the other starts flowing into you and there is a deep meeting, a communion. Two energies melt into each other! In that state there is no ego, no individual – simply consciousness. And this is possible with the whole universe.

Feel the consciousness of each person as your own consciousness. So, leaving aside concerns for self, become each being!


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