Tänkte på dig.

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Mellanboken the magdalene av The O Manuscript. Tänkte på dig. Skrev Helena på Messenger. Och jag gillade!
Kände ett sug att dela med mig av detta. Så här kommer texten…

As if by magic, Mariam´s life again took another direction, a more stable one. Under the skilled tuition of Salome, day by day and slowly but surely, she was taught at the deepest secrets and the way of life of the Therapists. The teaching started at sunrise and ended long after sunset. They had two meals a day consisting of roots, herbs and bread spiced with hyssop and salt.
In the beginning Mariam was taught everything about the cycles of life and the effect of the cosmos on human beings. She was taught to see her own moon cycle as a microcosmic reflection of the powers surrounding human beings.
The moon cycle opens up many possibilities for the woman who wants to learn to look into other worlds. All the great female seers from the beginning of time has had this possibility. There are several levels on which the priestess may expand her vision. When the egg breaks away the possibilities of seeing into the astral realities increase. During the moon time itself, her ability to see into the ethereal world is heightened, the upper as well as the lower ones. But she must be aware of and able to sharpen the connection to the higher Self in spite of those complications and make room for them in your mind then you will have forfeited all your options.

Nu är jag ännu mer sugen på att läsa denna bok. Snart. Riktigt snart. Först ska jag läsa ut en bok jag fått låna av Kajsa: Restaurang Hemlängtan. Undrar när GoodReads börjar med en ny slags möjlig sortering inne i “To read”-listan?
Så att man däri kan fylla i, i vilken ordning den nästa, och nästa och nästa bok skall läsas 🙂

Min intention denna måncykel? Back to my roots!
Har du en intention?


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