the making of a magic mandala

by | Mar 6, 2016 | Artiklar | 3 comments

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be part of something new being born.
Magic Mandalas.
Lisa had a mandala-afternoon and we were 11 persons eager to try.
Read more about it here and here!
(Next event will be 7th of May!)


First colors and add plenty of color. Cover the canvas. Completely.
With the brushes of your heart = your own hands!


There. All covered. Do not forget to let the color furthest out on your canvas even cover your edges.
So that when it hangs on your wall the edges are colored too.


Now remove all excessive paint with paper towels first. And try not to mix the dark colors with the brighter ones. When I reached this stage as above, I took some pieces of cloth to get rid of all excessive paint.
Did I forgot to mention that is is very useful to wear disposable gloves while working with the painting so far?


Tadaaaaaa.  Time to dry. Like 15 mins.
And time for a nice cup of tea, some raw balls (recipe Josefine Jäger) and almond and cardamom
cake that Lisa had prepared. Yummy energy!


Next step – to start drawing with the acrylic pen. Find a middle and start following your flow.
Like magic – just put the pen to the canvas and let the patterns come out of you!


This above was also really magical. I took a small cup and started to use it to draw circles all around the inner circle that I made by hand. Not using any measuring assistance mor than my eyes. And to my surprise, when I got almost all the way around the circle with the cup, I noticed that the space was just enough to fit in all of the circles I had intended to. Not half a circle or a bigger space. Just perfect. Magic.


Adding more patterns and flow and then diving into some gold…


…and yellow and pink…

And maybe the best of it all?

I am far from done, I still have my white pen, I borrowed an easel from Lisa, and a pattern is starting to emerge within me. It will start with the golden dots. And I will keep you posted of my continuous journey with this
magic mandala for me!


  1. Mona

    Åh, jag skulle vilja göra en mandala! Känns lite som att måla enligt Vedic Art, känner du till det?


      Hej Mona!
      Kände inte till Vedic Art så jag googlade just och ja, det är nog väldigt likt. Mycket är sig nog likt för att det är just Lisa som håller i den mandala kurs som jag gick. Och Lisas kärlek till sin skaparkraft och till vår egna är underbart att få vara i. Har du tid och lust så gå till Lisa den 7:e maj!

      • Mona

        Jag gick en tredagars kurs i Vedic Art en sommar, “Måla av lust och glädje”, det var väldigt befriande.
        Jag skrev om det i min blogg.
        Jag ska absolut fundera på den 7 maj!


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