I´ve been lovebombed

by | Jun 12, 2016 | Artiklar | 0 comments

Wow – what a pleasure to have a birthday in the era of social media. Friends from far and near has made an effort not only to post a few letters forming words on my wall but as they´ve done so they have all also sent me a thought. And as that thought of mostly love has drifted through the universe, not only me but all the people it has come past on its way to me has noticed the effect.
The effect I call lovebombing. So yes – keep it coming, for me, for you and for all!
It is my birthday a few more hours still.

I received a few words of lovebombing yesterday already – but then it was for this blog and the things I share here. And I thank Dominic and Erik for your kind and loving words. I am blessed to know you!

Today a note from Cesilia has struck a chord in me. In Swedish here it is:
Tess! Begreppet VI växer med mötet med dig. Du utstrålar det vi alla är på väg att bli… Ha en underbar dag och ny cykel!

Keep up the lovebombing!

In this picture I was love bombed by my sister, then and today again 🙂


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