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by | Dec 20, 2016 | Artiklar | 0 comments

Inspiration hämtar jag dagligen från Instagram. Bland annat från några som jag delar bilder från nedan. Och just den sista bilden och texten passar mig riktigt, riktigt bra inför morgondagen. Håll koll på stormen….


We fall in love with perception a lot. We become fixated by the idea in our head of how our life should be. We become emotionally attached – placing happiness outside of ourselves. We give away our power.

You have to stand up for what you need – in every aspect of your life, you have to have the courage to set those expectations. And it´s not being needy, it´s not being too much. Just understand that while sometimes others won´t be able to fully show up for you in the way you need (and that’s ok), they NEVER will be able to if you don’t teach them how, if you don’t create space for support, if you isolate yourself in independence when what you really crave is connection. There is tremendous strength in setting loving boundaries, and even greater strength in keeping them.




I am the storm. You are the storm.


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