“Make each other feel important, make each other feel loved”

“The secret is to find someone who engages you deeply, to form a connection that goes further than desire and lust. It’s not enough to cover only a face or a body, true chemistry begins with the intellect and heart.” -Beau Taplin • The intellect • Instead of reading this and arguing whether it’s right or wrong, read it with the idea of understanding the differences between men and women: we have different ways of needing to feel loved. Men need physical intimacy to feel loved and women need emotional intimacy to feel loved. Of course men and women need both, but Masculine and Feminine energy are different and have different priorities and ways of expression. It’s learning how to balance those differences and those energies that allow a man and woman to meet each other’s needs. The problem is, who goes first? Are we trying to meet our partner’s needs or are we trying to get them to put our needs first? If you look at it the same way as “who’s turn is it to wash the dishes,” then you’re making it a chore or obligation to make your partner feel loved. Step up, show love, be the best partner that you know how to be. Be patient, be understanding of when your partner is struggling or having a difficult day and may need more affection and reassurance from you. Give love without expectations because love is not a negotiation, it’s a gift that you give and receive freely. Real love is being in service to the other, that’s how trust and consistency are developed. The greater the connection, the deeper the love, the more satisfying the relationship, the happier that you both will be. Make each other feel important, make each other feel loved. -Joel Clemons•Life Coach @the.gentleman.wolf #relationships #love #intimacy Photo credit: @sherida_rae_photography

Ett inlägg delat av Joel Clemons (@the.gentleman.wolf)

Finns inte mycket mer att tillägga än att påminna dig som läser detta att du läser med ett öppet sinne och bara låter orden resonera med dig och dina förförståelse och kanske dina värderingar. Se om det kan få landa en stund i dig innan du agerar kring det du just läst. Ett agerande som kanske är en insikt, eller att förkasta det du just läst, eller som kanske väcker något inom dig som du vill agera med din partner redan nu.
Ta chansen!

Se till att din partner får känna hur viktig den är för dig. Låt din partner förstå hur djupt du älskar just din partner.


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