ett sätt att må bättre

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Last night, Tess, I was dreaming of you, again.
You were radiant, confident, and light beamed in every direction from the core of your being. Music followed you, angels serenaded you, and everyone was elevated by your presence. Wisdom shown from your eyes. Kindness emanated from your touch. And your power was simply awesome.
You looked, well… pretty much… exactly as you do right now.
 The Universe

True, Tess, you were wearing a lot of sparkles, but I know the difference between sparkles and angels.

Texten ovan fick jag häromdagen i min mail-inkorg. Ett mail från Universum. Att prenumerera på dem får mig att må bättre. Särskilt detta ovan tilltalar mig massor.

Det blir lite roligt att leka med filter och appar och lägga till ett foto
som får symbolisera detta tillstånd 🙂


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