Hur kan jag få min partner att vilja ha mer sex?

Här kommer ett inlägg som en påminnelse till mig själv.
Om det passar även dig som en påminnelse så varsågod 🙂

Inspirerad av inlägget “How can I get my partner to want more sex?”  funnet hos bloggen Down to there.

1)    Connection comes before erotic connection. What can you do to increase your intimacy, outside of sex? For me, I feel connected to my partner when he asks me about my day and really sits and listens to me. I tried to explain to my husband for years what I meant by this and then one day he found this hilarious video (below) and finally understood.

2)    Feeling sexy fuels desire. The person with lower desire rarely gets an opportunity to spontaneously connect with their sexuality, because the person with higher desire always wants sex first. As an antidote to this dynamic, instead of asking for sex, remind her that she is sexy. Reminisce about what drew you to her… “Man, when you flash a smile like that, I get weak in the knees.”

3)    Understanding their fantasy is gold. Ask her “What are some of your hottest sexual memories?” When she shares, ask follow up questions to really understand what turns her on. Does she like to feel cared for or taken? Does she like romance or passion? If you can emulate the qualities that she finds erotic, she might have a hard time resisting your charms.

Hur funkar dessa tips för mig och oss?

Nummer 2 fungerar allra bäst för mig, med nummer 1 som en rask tvåa.
Nummer tre är ett bra verktyg emellan oss när det handlar om att skapa den där sexuella kontexten/sammanhanget som ser till att det slår gnistor om oss.

Det bästa av allt är nog att alla tipsen fungerar på oss båda.


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